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How to keep your sprouts fresh

August 4th, 2011

Many people have a hard time keeping sprouts fresh, I receive calls about this quite often.

1.  Keep them cold, under 40 degrees  ( best 34-36 degrees ). Sprouts don’t have a long shelf life ( best case 14 days on many of them ) if not kept cold they can go bad in as Little as 2 to 3 days.

2.  Make sure they are not rotting when purchased, you can tell if the ends of the sprouts are an orangish or dark yellowish color and pooling of a colored liquid.  Bean sprous are best when purchased in a plastic bag, if your store does not carry them ask to to carry them.

3.  lastly Keep them cold :-) , sprouts are very simple, when I say keep them cold you must be militant on keeping them cold don’t go shopping and then go run more errands, immediately from the store to your fridge like ice-cream, you can see ice-cream melting-sprouts are doing the same thing without the visual they will just go bad on you fast.

Do those 2 things and you will have a much better track record with your sprouts ( cold as possible without freezing them )


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